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carburetor questions

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Hey everyone new here and also pretty new with a carburetor. I had my carb rebuilt and now i need to adjust it. I found the screw in front and thought that was it i adjusted it to get idle right now its getting to much gas so assuming that was the air/fuel adjustment. So ppl saying to get to the others i need to remove the roll pin. My questing is where is the roll pin and what does it look like. If anybody has a pic or can have detailed instructions that would help a lot. Thanks

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need to know what carb and motor.


the roll pin covers the air fuel mixture screw.  if you have a stock Hitachi then its in the center bottom of the carb.  the idle screw will be on the linkage on the passenger side of the carb.  those are the only 2 adjustment screws (assuming you have a stock carb)

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