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2000 Outback to 2001 Legacy swap


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          I have a 2000 Outback with just about every option available at the time that is without an engine that is strictly a parts vehicle that I picked up for cheap, and I have a 2001 Legacy L sedan as a daily driver. What I was wondering is that could I take everything off the Outback and put it on my Legacy sedan? 

          Now I know Subaru's are good with running all the wiring and provisions for the options even though they did not come with the car so that all you need is the component, the switch and the fuse or relay. But I would just like to confirm this with some things such as 

  • the rear view mirror with the built in compass
  • the heated side view mirrors
  • the AM/FM/tape/6 CD changer/and weather band radio
  • the left and right upper door tweeter speakers

        Another question is that I would also like to lift my legacy with the outback struts. What all would I need to swap to do this? obviously the struts, but also I heard of swapping the rear control arms off the Outback on to whatever you are putting the on for camber and after that I really don't know.

        Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!! 

  Thanks, Luke  

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Welcome to the USMB.


I think most of the items you posted should have the wiring there and should be relatively easy to just swap over.  However, I can't confirm all those for sure, so you may just have to check and see if the wiring connector is there.


Regarding the outback struts, 2000 was the first year for the newly designed rear suspension.  It uses a multi link setup vs. the older strut setup.  It's still probably swappable, but I don't know the specifics regarding what all components should be swapped.

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2000-2004 uses 99% of the same parts.  Subaru used a 4 year system on their body styles/designs.  They even ran the harnesses for options on a lot of cars, even if the car didnt have say heated mirrors, tweeters that sit by the mirrors, Sub under the seat, heated seats etc. 


Compass, I think you just need to run a power and ground wire to it, which can be piggybacked off the map light power wire. 


Suspension you are gonna have to look and see if the rear runs spacers like they did on the Gen 1 Outbacks.  I have not done a Legacy to Outback conversion on the Phase 2 yet, but since its double wishbone in the rear, I imagine you run the Outback Wishbones, swaybar links and struts.  

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the suspension is a no brainer, just swap the spring strut assemblies from the outback. the only challenge is pushing the wheel knuckles down far enought to get the bolt holes to line up.


as for the others, they should be pretty easy to check, but my rule of thumb is, if the option was offered on the car when new, then the wiring harness is probably there.


example, i replaced the carpet in my 00 lego L and there was no woring under the seart for either the heated seat or power seat options. neither was offered on the L in 00.


just a guess, there is one wiring harness for lower end cars, and another for the higher end cars. just a guess.


an easy thing to check is the wire for the lighted visor mirror. 2 screws and drop the visor. if the wire is up inside, then you may have some other wires for options. if not then probably no other option wires.


but as mentioned, a lot of these things only need a + and -, and maybe a switch.


look here for options : http://www.cars101.com/legacy.html

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         Did some messing around with her today and found the wire that was tucked up into the headliner for the mirror/compass, and found that the wire was also there for the tweeters in the doors as well. Probably within the next couple of days I' going to swap the stereo units and the struts as well.

       And another question, what exactly holds the front and rear bumper covers on I would like to swap them over to my legacy so I can have a set of fog lights, and also for the looks of it, haha

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