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The resurrection of an '84 GL wagon

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Its high time I started a thread here,

to document progress, and the lack thereof.


I purchased this wagon from subieman many many moons ago.

It was in amazing shape and had most all the fixins,

Rust free body, 3" byb lift, rear discs, 3.9 converted LSD etc. etc.


Replaced the worn out stock d/r 4 speed and burnt clutch,

with a 1982 d/r 4spd box and brand new clutch kit.


All was peachy. An amazing rig, until it devoloped a

drivabilty issue that I could not figure out.

Could not get over 45mph without violent bucking.

Tried everything to my knowledge, to no avail..

Long story short, I parted its drivetrain out to myself,

and sold off some of the more sought after parts,

so that I could build a daily driver brat.


So here I am, daily driving a different brat.

The fam has grown another member, so I am beginning

to focus on building the ultimate family adventure wagon.


Essentially this is an extremely tight budgeted build up of

a gorgeous shell.

EJ22 swap and FT4WD D/R 5 speed are what I have in mind.

Stay tuned, say what up, cheer me on, it'll be a codswalloping good time

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Pics, of course!!

I attempted to attach one, but it was a botched effort.

the mobile phone is a bit of a pita, however I got it this time 'round



1.One of the last wheeling trips I took her out on



2.The sad day she was stripped of her running gear



3.My current DD- '86 GL Brat (for sale soon ;) )




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I sourced an RX transaxle locally-

I have Jerry's kit on the shelf waiting...


Thinking about EA82 front suspension

to avoid custom front axles.


Throw some ideas at me to aid in my research!

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From all the searching I've done on here, it sounds like your best bet us to use the ea82 engine crossmember. You could modify your lift blocks to make up for the off set. I know the 82 crosmember is wider than the ea81 but don't know specifics. There was a white brat done this way. I think his username was Sko or something.

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Bahh, i wanted to use an ea81 power steering Xmember i've been hangin' onto.

Yea, i believe Bosco did do his brat like that, and so did Briggs up in WA.

It looks like i have a whole ton of board searching to do  0_0


How bouts another pic of said project?


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Get a regular 3.9 dual range tranny, and the ring and pinion from an XT-6 FT4WD trans, in addition to your RX trans...


-Use the low range gears from the regular Dual Range. Also the 23 spline diff stubs so you won't need custom axles.

-install the XT-6 ring and pinion with the 23 spline stubs into the RX case, using the RX gears. Use the RX center diff because it has the provisions for the D/R selector. Use the RX speedo gear. With 27" tires the speedo will be right on.

-Bolt it all up and you will have a sweet trans. Built one just like that for Pooparu. It was crazy to do it in less than 24 hours, but it was worth it. B)


Building the custom tranny with the 23 spline stubs will make it much easier to find axles, wether you go with EA82 or EA81 axles.


You could still do the EA82 suspension swap, and I recomend it. All you need are the control arms and axles. I did that on Pooparu's Brat back when it was mine. I also extended the radius rods 1" and plated the living codswallop out of the whole shebang with 3/16" diamond plate.



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