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So I have decided rather than putting strut lift blocks on my 1990 legacy to get a cheap 2in lift, I would rather switch out struts from an outback or Forrester. How much lift am I looking for each? What about camber issues?

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Should have everything you need to know.


I have done this lift on my Impreza. Only difference may be the rear strut top hats and whether the legacy is the same or not.


I got about 3 inches of lift from Forester struts/springs plus 3/8 HDPE top spacers. For outback struts I would estimate a little less lift. Subtract some more if you use your springs but Outback/Forester Struts.


To correct the camber, just take it in for an alignment on the front. You'll need adjustable camber bolts for the rear. Not sure yet if stock ones from the front can also be used on the back.


Bout the only other thing is getting a set of 96-99 Legacy Outback trailing arm brackets to correct your angles. This is the hardest part for rust belt cars. Easy otherwise.

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