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HI GUYS !!!!


i'm new here and my first question is, how can i raise my 1984 Gl Wagon another 3-4 inches to allow for a rugged rim/tire combo?


is the best option a lift kit?

and whats the best rim/tire setup?


keep OFFROAD in mind when answering (snow, mud, sand, water...)

the pic of the Subaru below is the GOAL !!! so please help.


i've seen posts and discussions regarding "ozified" and "scorpion subaru" lift kits but when i search these, it seems they're no longer being produced or don't exist !!!


thank you

-Mr. SIX9


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There is the lift kit, for the rest read up in the off road section to get an idea of sizing and see what is still availible in the size you want.

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