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1983 BRAT Temperature Guage

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Following a motor rebuild from a local shop, my temp and oil press. gauges do not work.  The manual has me feeling a little stupid, so please advise if you will.  The manual refers to temp sender, Thermosensor for the carb, and Temperature Sensor.  I believe I have a Hitachi carb, and only two temps senders:  1 in the intake manifold, and one in the radiator.  Each one has a single wire connected to it.


I've pulled the dash and can't trace continuity from the grn/blu wire to either connected to the senders (it actually has continuity to ground.  This is the wire in the large round 12-14 pin connector).  Resistance to ground is infinite on both senders?


My ECM and carb cannot be using feedback with only a single wire correct???

Is the wrong temp sender currently installed?

Thought the one in the radiator should be a thermo-switch providing power to fans?


Also.  I wan't to simply go mechanical temp gauge, but CANNOT find one to fit a 12mm hole???


Thanks in advance for your help....

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