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Interior door handle not releasing door latch?

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Hello again.


I've had a problem that has slowly been developing with my '94 Legacy.   The driver side door is becoming difficult to open with the interior handle, however it opens easily with the outside handle, so I know that the latch isn't gummed up or binding.


I'm thinking that there must be a linkage that is worn or stretched, and the interior handle hits its limit stop before fully releasing the latch.   (That's just my theory...)


Has anyone had this happen before?   Is it difficult or are there any guides on how to take the door panel off to check this out?


Thanks.  B)





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The handle isn't stiff...   When you pull it, it moves about 1/3 to 1/2 way completely freely (aside from the return spring), then has moderate resistance for the rest of the travel.  During the part where it has resistance, you can hear it moving something further down the door towards the latch area.  But the handle hits the end of its travel, and the door doesn't want to open sometimes unless you put a shoulder into it.   :blink:   


Thanks for the link, I'll check that out.

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My car's been doing this for a while, I usually have to roll the window down to open the door.  I fixed it briefly, and since have been too lazy to pull the door panel off again.  Connector pieces of the latch and rod are plastic and must shrink as they age, making the pull of the handle too short to pop the latch.  At least this was the case on mine.  Bending one of the rods to make it longer worked for a while, I guess i didn't bend it far enough though as its pretty intermittent again.  To gain access you just have to remove the door panel.  There's a couple screws (mostly by the handle I think) and and a bunch of clips around the edge you can carefully pop loose with a screwdriver.  Have a friend hold the panel out of the way so you don't have to disconnect the wires.

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