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Greetings from down the Bitterroot Valley...

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I'll try to keep this brief as I am surmising that you all have better things to do than to read my prattling on about how great I think you all are for pooling your resources and knowledge to keep these interesting cars on the road.

But I must prattle...

I have been lurking for about a week, since I obtained a 1977 DL Wagon which was slated for the junkyard.

I had been seeking out actual knowledgeable and forthright folk who have had actual hands on experience and not just obtained their blue or grey WRXs as high school graduation presents.

I like what I have seen and am glad to have discovered you here.


So please accept this posting as means of introducing myself.

I have lived in the Bitterroot valley for almost three years and loving every minute of it.

I found this Subaru in front of a shop near Missoula, Montana and the owner said they wanted it gone, I asked how much and ended up with about $175 in it.

it does not run...yet.

I found a distributor problem, and will be needing one of those, and some enterprising sot horked the front seats, so Ill be needing both of those.

the radio and dash are unmolested. (it is replete with all the AM goodness that she came with from the factory)

It is an automatic and front wheel drive, so I expect no surprises there. all fluids look good.

There isn't any real rust to deal with, its is straight, never been wrecked,

Basically it just needs a decent cleanup, some simple mechanical things, and a couple buckets of TLC (I am looking for a 55 gallon drum of it so I can use it on a couple of other projects I have going on)


I've kept you all long enough,

I'll have plenty of questions as time progresses I am certain.


Until then I fall silent.






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A very eloquent introduction, Tsuru.  And welcome to you.  As you well know, you've found a very warm and loving family here.  Great bunch of folk to wrench with.

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Props on the intro.  We all have them in our family 4 in all.  I am from Lima Mt originally.  I had to look up the definition of "Prattle" though.  There is a lot of info here depending on what you want to do.


Welcome from Spokane,



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Thank you all!

I think I'm going to enjoy this!


But eloquent?

Me? Hardly so.


But I thank you just the same for the compliment!




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