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84 Turbo Wagon Runs Great !

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After much help from "The Guys" here, the wagon is a jewel.   Two relays under the passenger carpet, I finally found them, were rusted to death.  Replaced from O'Reillys.


Still would not idle.  Tach would bounce, then would stop running.


Yes, it was the Dizzy.  Worn upper bearing.  Had it machined out and replaced with an oilite bearing, watching all tolerances.  $3.58 at a bearing supply house.  Friends work was a freebie.  :-)))


Pic of the installed Oilite.


Now to pass California smog test.  Quart of Lacquer thinner in tank, should clean out old gas and gum.



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Glad to hear you got her going fairly easily.


I really like mine too.

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