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We have a 2009 Legacy GT with the SI Drive option. You can choose between (S) Sport, (S#) Sport Sharp and (I) Intelligent.
Just today the knob in the center console stopped working and the drive automatically switched to S# mode. Adjusting the knob didn't help and neither did pushing the button on the steering wheel. We shut the car off, let it sit for a minute and turned her back on. It was back in S mode but the knob wouldn't switch to S# or I mode. After driving for about 5 minutes the car automatically switched back to S# mode and we were unable to switch it back without turning the car off.
Any suggestions? Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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You know... now that I think of it I think a little soda might have spilled near there. That could very well be what the issue is. How would one fix this, if this was the case? At first I thought it was a neat location for the control, but now realizing how it's directly in front of the cup holders, it could've been better thought out.

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