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My 500 dollar 98 OB - pics to come

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Scored a 500 dollar Outback this last fall, 150k miles on the ticker.  Car was driven to Alaska from New York.  I expected a lot of rust and what not coming from the East Coast, but this thing was clean.  So first thing I did to it was got rid of the factory exhaust, Forester struts/springs.   SJR lift, 29" tires, skid plated up the front.  Got rid of Subaru's horrible plastic bumpers, rockin the metal reinforcements atm.


2 10" light forces on the front, all Sony sound system with the exception of the sub.  1700 Watt Class D amp going to an Obcon Hidden chamber box with a 12" sub in it.  Scored a factory receiver hitch and a bunch of other accessories that were an option for the OB.


Blew reverse out on the first tranny, rolling on my second tranny now, Gotta say the forester 5th gear is nice when you get on the highway with 29" tires.  55 mph @ 2250 rpm :)



Plans for this car:  Dual Range EA tranny, possibility of a EG33 in it (doubt I'll find a clutch that will hold up to the TQ and HP the EG33 made thou)  Probably going to switch out to SVX spindles/ball-joints similar to what Subafreak did.  Receiver mounted winch is another item I'd like to get a hold of.  And make a front bumper/skid plate thing with a receiver hit in the middle and on the outside edges along with a few handiman jack points.


I wish I could find a VTD 4EAT and the 4EAT wiring to put in the car, I think the EG33 combo'd to a 4.44 with VTD would be an amazing off-road rig.  building line pressure > dumping the clutch.  Less shock on everything.  Tested the 4.44 in my SVX for 2 years now of VERY hard driving and ice racing and the 4.44 seems to be one hell of a tranny, I dont know what they did differently in them compared to the 3.54, 3.9 and 4.11 4EATs but to me the 4.44 is the auto equivalent of the 6MT vs 5MT as far as strength/longevity 

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