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'84 Brat Ignition Coil wiring

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Long time no post. Been trying to get my Brat registered again. Anyway. I was putting in a new coil today and had a question on the wires.

I know that black wire w/ white stripe = positive, and that yellow = negative. However I've got 2 wires leftover that I'm not quite sure of.

Picture here: http://chattypics.com/files/ignitioncoil_ronoigylbk.jpg


So here's how I have it hooked up right now. I just want to see if what I've done is correct. Specifically wire #1 and #6.

Wire 1 - Negative. The wire is solid black and attached to the little metal thing with the screw to the left of the ignition coil. It goes to a ground on the engine block so I assumed negative.

Wire 2 - Negative. Yellow wire

Wire 3 - Positive. Black w/ white stripe

Wire 4 - Positive. Black w/ white stripe

Wire 5 - Negative. Yellow wire.

Wire 6 - Positive. Yellow wire, but goes to carb. Car would turn over but never start with this unhooked, or with this hooked to negative. Once I hooked to positive car starts fine.


Once again looking for input as to what I've done is correct, specifically #1 and #6. Thanks!


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BW from body = 12v IG. = POS

BW from Disty = POS

Yellow from disty = NEG

Yellow from body = Tach signal wire = NEG



#1 Solid black = RF supresion condensor  install to positve side of coil

#6  Someone has added this wire. it's going to the Anti-diesel solenoid on carb, and bowl vent solenoid.  that is ussually controlled by the Fuel Pump control unit, above the hood release latch on teh kickpanel.  Yours may not be working or is missing or something but someone has bypassed it to IG switched power of the POS on the coil.  Will run like that, but less than ideal.

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I have an '85 brat with only 5 wires. using your pis i have 2 solid yellow wires running to the right and the other 3 on the left.

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