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Ignition Lock Cylinder Removal (older generation 1980 brat)

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On my 80 Brat I had no key.  Someone had put in an aftermarket switch.  The lock cylinder came out pretty easily.  From the point where you have it in the picture there was just a small set screw in the side and it slipped out.  The local locksmith rekeyed it and gave me a pair of keys for about $25.  I put it all back together and it works great.

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Now that you got it working get a bottle of TriFlow from a bike shop or locksmith.  Its what a majority of locksmiths I have been to sell and one even said its the only thing you should ever put in a lock.  

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The only things holding mine in were the tight fit on the trim ring and the setscrew.  It comes out toward the key, so a key in it shouldn't be in the way.  I would think it should come out and then you can take it to a locksmith to fix.  It's worth trying.  Be careful and if it doesn't come out you've lost nothing but a little time.

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