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Differences compared in EA71 and EA81 suspension

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Well I had this marvelous idea of putting EA81 suspension under the front of my wagon the other day. So I got some from Andrew that I could do some test fitting with today and there are a lot of similarities and differences between the two.


Knuckle is very similar, stock EA71 strut bolts into it perfectly, wheel bearings appear to be the same size, axles appear to be the same diameter and spline count (gonna check that tomorrow to be sure)



Ball joints mount differently (EA81 mounts the opposite way as the EA71), control arms seem to be waaaaaay different.


So, if I want to make the EA81 suspension work in my wagon, I figure I'm gonna have to modify the EA81 control arms to fit. One of the reasons is because when I was pricing the amount for ball joints, EA71 ball joints were almost 30 bucks a piece where the EA81 ball joints I could get both for the same price as one EA71 ball joint. Tomorrow I am also gonna check to see if the bolts that mounts the control arm to the crossmember is the same and to see if the control arm is the same width as an EA71 control arm. I'm hoping this works pretty easily and it'll be a great suspension upgrade for all of us gen 1 guys:D


Oh and I'm also gonna see about putting the 84-newer vented rotors and calipers on it too:banana:

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SAWEET!!! Sounds good. I'm not gonna be swapping the rear suspension, just the front. I am gonna see about converting the rear to disks, using front rotors but thats another story in its own.

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i was down at the u-pull-it in damaskis on sunday looking for a brake drum and spindle for my 79 brat and the 80 dl brat there was already stripped so for sh**s and grins i took the backing plate and rotors off of an 87gl10 and bolted them to the brat in the yard, to my suprise they fit, all you have to do is grind a little excess material off of the trailing arm and its a direct swap to rear disc. ( this wont damage structural integrity because you dont need to take that much off.) total parts cost was 40.00 even for both trailing arms off the brat complete with tortion bars and spindles, both calipers. and both rotors off the gl10, and some other misalanios parts, including carb.


I'm giong back next week to see if i can work somthing out for the fronts to get the ventid discs up front.

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