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I can't find overhaul procedures for a trans. in a 91 legacy sedan.  I've looked through alldata extensively.  I cross referenced the other cars from the same year with the same transmission and the overhaul instructions seem to be missing from all of them.  Any help?  Anyone have the service manual?  I checked my local library and the last subaru manual they have is for 1987. ha.

My trans. id is tz102za1aa

the legacy is an ej22 (not the turbo model)

I have a chiltons manual but it's not specific and i already know how to remove and reinstall the trans.



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Thanks for that link, but i'm looking for a cheap to free route.  I wonder if it's subaru that keeps such a lock and key on this info.

do you think that this service manual i found for a 1992 subaru liberty will work for my trans.?

It's says it's for a 4AT and i always knew of mine as a 4EAT.

I think the liberty is the legacy for markets other than the U.S., and i also believe that the 91 and 92 are both considered 1st gen but i've seen some differing opinions.  To me it looks like the exact same car but i'm worried once i get deep in there something will be different.

P.s. my shift selector has a manual button as well (which someone told me made it a 4AT)

Darn you alldata for failing me on this!!!!


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The early 90's ('90-94, I think) R4AX-ELs are all pretty much the same.  There are minor differences in plate count/thickness, but mostly with Turbo and SVX versions.  Terms like "4EAT" and "4AT" are street-terms for the tranny.  The "MANUAL" button really doesn't make it one thing or another, and it is not really "manual" anything.  (It is a simplistic form of traction control.)  "Liberty"s are what the Legacy is called in other parts of the world.


You can try to find "Section 4" of the FSM for your Legacy which has the rebuild information for the automatic transmission.  (The FSM comes in multiple volumes, each volume being one or more Sections.)  If you can still buy the FSM new, it will be very expensive.  You can buy used ones, but it might take a while to locate them.  Ebay offers bootleg FSMs on CD; quality varies.


From what I have been told, the ATSG manual is a better reference for any AT rebuild.  You are already going to be spending several hundred dollars in parts, so $30 more to do it right might be a good investment. 

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I have all of the dimensions for every part in my transmission as well as part numbers. (alldata was good for something). Just no step by step teardown of the trans itself.  Is it common for subaru to not publish their overhaul procedures with alldata?  I guess i'm not really even sure how that works anyway :blink:

Do you think with the specs and that instruction manual that i posted a link to (section 3 to be specific) would be enough to get a newb through this trans?

i'm just so darn cheap and impatient.

i was hoping to start on this in the morning.

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