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Help a brotha out for a week? Crash pad needed..

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A good friend of mine is moving over here from Spokane this weekend in response to a sudden job offer. He is looking for a place to crash for one, maybe two weeks. I told him I'd see what happened if I posted a request here on the USMB! He requested "no axe murderers" and I will personally vouch that he is not an axe murderer either!

My friend's name is Sam and his job is in the south Bellevue area, but he's not too picky; he just isn't sure if he'll be able to line up an apartment before he arrives this weekend. 

Sam's one of my best friends and I vouch for him at the highest level regarding his character and honesty. He is happy to throw some cash into your household fund in exchange for the courtesy. 


Please PM me here if you would like me to give you Sam's number to discuss this with him! He drives a Honda, but this is our chance to start converting him to our ways!  :brat: (wow, haven't seen that emoticon before!)

Thanks in advance.



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If no one responds here, try couchsurfing.org.

It's a community in which people open their homes to travelers. If he wants to be successful on it though, he should make sure he fills out a complete and honest profile and has an understanding that CS is about more than just a free place to crash. It's about community and giving and connecting with others.

Another great and affordable thing is airbnb.com.



Good luck to him!

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