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I'm sad after seeing my 86 XT go today....

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They came and picked up my trusty 86 Subaru XT DL today.  And, guys, am I ever feeling so sad about it. 


My brother bought it in 1990 and gave it to me in 1995.  I commute daily 20 miles to a job, and my Subaru was the car that took me each day--winter and summer, rain and shine.


I'm a pretty good Saturday mechanic, do all my own work, and over the years I got to know this car front-to-back.  I overhauled the engine in 2002, replaced the seals in the transmission in 2004, did a complete brake overhaul and caliper rebuild in 2005, and replaced the drive axle boots more than once, and dozens of other things.



By the time they came to get my Subaru it had 386,000 miles on the odometer.  Over the past few years, the structural rusting was getting more and more noticeable.  2 years ago, the rear crossmember broke (rusted through), but I got a used one and managed to keep the old car going just a little while longer.


It's amazing how much a little tender loving care can keep a car going.


However last week the rear crossmember mounts tore out of the frame rails.  No way to fix this and I know the car was becoming unsafe to drive.  By the time they came to get it, everything else was still working on it--engine, electrical, AC, etc.


This was one of the best cars I ever owned in my 58 years.  Dependable, durable, reliable, and super gas mileage.


So they came and got my Subaru this morning.  I have the same emotions as if I lost a faithful dog or a good friend. I actually had a lump in my throat seeing it go out the driveway behind the tow truck.

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