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GEN 2 front bumper build pics

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so i decided to start a new bumper project because i wanted to have a removable winch. For the most part the build went rather smoothly in comparison to my last few build. but here is all the pictures i took from start to finish. let me know what you think





after cutting out the middle to add the receiver the subaru gods decided to let the bumper bow on me but its not to bad so i left it.






and here is my winch from harbor freight. should do alright



and now the painting 5 coats of primer and 8 coats of paint.



and finished product on my car.

















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Nice.... Where's the winch?

So, if you have a 2" receiver on the rear... and 12 volts... you can move the winch from front to back?

Let us know how the 5000# works.  I'm almost ready to purchase one (or two).

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its actually a combination of 2" DOM and 1 1/2 schedule 40 pipe. a while back my company bent some two inch but it didnt turn out with good enough quality to sell so i have it all for personal use. all the straight pieces are the pipe all the mandrel bends are the 2" DOM.

  i still havent had the chance to test my winch out but i hope to do so fairly soon.

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