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swapping to manual rack, checking part numbers

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I have a leaky power steering pump, and theres little I detest more than power steering on small light vehicles.  I have had more problems over the years with power steering than any other car system.  since its not much more for a steering rack at rock auto than it is for a pump, no brainer.


its on an 87 GL, carbed EA82 wagon


theres 2 options for manual steering from cardone


242625 - appears to be for EA81 cars even though I selected EA82 in the section, and it also lists GL up to 89.  also its for FWD, but is there a difference?  I cant imagine the steering in the front being different.


242304 - looks to be the right one, 4wd, 85-89, and much more expensive.  Just kind of hopeing its a typo on the previous one, but i suspect the typo is showing up in the EA82 section.


also has anyone had issues with this remanufactured part?

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I took a look at those racks.


The front wheel drive unit may be a 4 turn lock to lock unit.


The more expensive 4WD rack is most likely a variable ratio unit, and has less turns lock to lock. And requires a core.


You may need the manual rack universal joint for this swap.



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I also considered buying a manual rack for my 90 loyale sw, but money is tight. I disassembled my existing power rack and converted to manual by removing the center shaft seal assembly. Took out all the lines and the leaky pump. Sealed up the connectors on the rack. Packed it with grease. Measured for new shorter belts.

The cost was a few hours of time and new belts.

The 4wd rack has quicker gearing than the fwd.

If you do this remember that the retaining clip pulls out of the housing and is fed back in the same access port while turning the passenger side shaft retainer. When you pull it apart it'll make sense.

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