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BRZ wheels. What are they worth?

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I have the opportunity to snag some pull-off wheels from a '13 BRZ coupe. The factory issue style wheels like this:




He is offering them to me for $400 with the used rubber that is on them. I thought this is a good deal. $400 is more than i would usually pay for something, including whole cars. But i have paid more than that for tools!


So this is why i am asking "what are thay worth" since they are pull ofs from a new car. Can and will they have an intrinsic value? Will people in 5 -10 years be looking for factory wheels to put on used BRZ's that have lost their shoes when they were new? Wpuld these be rare wheels by production numbers?


I am going to put these on my swapped 3-door. Although i think legacy gt gold wheels will look better. But the price seems right, and i would hope there is trade value if i decide these could trade for something else. For the price, i am getting a set of wheels for what it would cost for new rubber on 14" steelies.

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