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Check Engine light wont turn on

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I have a 1992 subaru loyale 4wd that I recently took to get smogged, and they told me that the check engine light was unresponsive and wouldn't turn on. I tried looking through book I have and couldn't spot where the wiring was. If that is even the problem. Looking beneath the steering wheel there are three male ends not plugged into anything. I think the problem may be one of these, but it does not seem to be anywhere they can plug into. Any help is much appreciated.






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Bulb may be burned out or removed.


It's to the right of the steering wheel, at the far right end of the area where the BATT, STOP LAMP, and R. GATE LOCK lights are. 


Unscrew the dash bezel and pull it out and check the bulb.


If the bulb is good, Hook a test light to 12v power, and then probe pin 40, R/Y wire at the ECU.  it's almost center top of the smallest connector at the ECU.


You can also probe that wire at the check connector under the dash.  Big black connector, with only 6 or 7 wires in it.  Same color Red/Yellow wire.




It's worth noting, I have seen a few of these ECU's with failed circuits for the light, so if the wiring and bulb check out you may need to replace ECU.  Definately more likely just a burnt bulb or someone cut the wire to sell the car with the light out.


Also the unused connectors under the dash are not the issue.  those are for optional equipment install.  I believe cruise control if IIRC.

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I thought with the EA82's the check engine light only came on when there was an issue and to check stored codes you needed to plug in the green wires and turn the ignition to the "ON" position without the engine running.


This is how it's done for the Australian delivered vehicles - I guess it could be different out your way though...



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No the CEL should come on with Key on/Eng. off as a "proof"  it's working.


Also shoudl come on and blink with the Green check connectors.


I supposed plugging them in and seeing if it works then,

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