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So, as some of you may know, I just got my first snail.

So I'm sure all of you are dying to see pictures of it.

So here you go.











Now that the picture show is over, I'll relay the details.

Just rolled it over 159k, one owner, driven, but not abused most of its life, completely loaded with options (even has an aftermarket tape deck installed), sunroof doesn't leak (not inside anyway) interior is clean and decent shape, still has the sunroof carrying bag (never been used, still smells like formaldehyde/treatment chemicals), slight leak in the trunk that needs to be hunted down, and rust spots in the sunroof that need to be taken care of.

But otherwise the thing look pretty much pristine.

If anyone has a blue dash surround (the part that has the vents attached), I need a new one (previous owner smacked the dash and broke it).

And an AC cover button. Mine is broke and refuses to stay on.


But so far, so good. Needs a tune-up (NGK wires and plugs to kill a misfire issue) but otherwise it runs like a little monster with a screaming glowing snail from hell attached to it :lol:




PS: And the AC will damn near freeze you out of the car :banana:

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Thank you sir.

It's currently providing DD duties and making a hell of a lot better gas saver than my parent's Buick (gag).

I should be getting around 30mpg with it (lots of highway on my commute) as long as my foot doesn't bury the skinny pedal too much :burnout:

I have a sneaking suspicion my gas tank vent hose popped off, because I smell fuel occasionally when I get in the car after it sits for a little while.

But 92 octane doesn't smell that bad ;)



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I'll be doing my best. No mods aside from those that wouldn't effect the integrity of the car's value.

Like it may be getting a Maxima Alt or XT6 alt if it continues to dim the headlights when I step on the brakes or turn the turn signals on.

But my goal is to keep it as rust free (or minimal rust, I'll kill it as I find it) as long as possible, as well as reliable.

So no blowing this thing up, no racing it, nothing of that kind. Just driving it.




PS: Off to go wash/wax it :)

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Hey Subynut, we should race this year at WCSS ;)

I'd love to see how the EA82T stands up to an EJ25.


And thanks 1982gl4. I've been drooling over the car for a while and when it came up for sale I snagged it as fast as I could. Now I have 2 sets of rare wheels :3

Those Enkeis and my Jackmans! Bwahaha!

But the jackman's are saved for my wagon.


Hope to see y'all in it this year at WCSS!



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