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EA71 & EA81 - valve rocker cover gasket differences?

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Hi folks


Among the boxes of new old stock parts I've recently acquired here in the UK are a good quantity of gaskets (oil pan, cylinder head, valve rocker covers, exhaust).


Upon validating the part numbers in the Subaru Parts Catalogs, there are different numbers for some EA71 & EA81 gaskets, e.g. despite looking almost identical, the oil pan gaskets are slightly different sizes; I can also tell that the cylinder head gaskets are slightly different (the EA81 has an extra couple of "lugs" on one side).


Can anyone tell me if the valve rocker covers are the same spec for both engines, or do these differ as well?






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EA71 valve cover gaskets are rectangular in shape while EA81 gaskets have one corner of the rectangle 'cut off' (hope that makes sense!).

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