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EJ22 in a 1973 VW Baywindow Bus

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So I'm posting the tail end of my build thread here, since it looks like there are a lot of swap savvy subaru enthusiasts here and I humbly ask for your advice and knowledge in advance  B)


Title sort of covers it -- I have an EJ22 (pre-OBDII, but not sure what year exactly) and I'm swapping it into my 1973 VW bus.

I'm more or less adapting a similar conversion to these guys: http://www.thesamba.com/vw/forum/viewtopic.php?t=492898


They used an H6, I'll be using the 4 cyl 2.2, but I'm going to go with the same cooling setup. 

I plan on using these: http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-Radiator-00-06-Scion-Toyota-Echo-xA-xB-1-5-l4-/300584025817?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&fits=Make%3AScion%7CModel%3AxA&hash=item45fc343ed9&vxp=mtr


I wish they had an all aluminum version but unfortunately they don't. I would do what the New Zealanders I linked above did (using all alum. honda civic radiators, turned on their sides, with the pressure caps welded shut and the hose outlet re-located) but I don't have a tig welder and don't want to pay a guy 200 bucks to do it either. SO the plan is to use these guys, since overall they should be *just* the right size to fit in the same spots. I only have 14-15 inches of clearance height-wise.

for the fuel pump I'm going with this:
http://www.diyautotune.com/catalog/walbro-gsl392-255lph-fuel-pump-p-312.html along with a mounting bracket kit.

for the fuel return, I was thinking of using this:
because my stock fuel tank was for a carb and only has the outlet, and I don't want to mod the tank. Bolt-in solution is the key here.


For the engine mounting bracket/cradle, I'll have to fab one after the motor is mocked up in the engine bay. I also will need to run the coolant lines, add a pressure cap/expansion tank, maybe some bleed valves, etc. I have the stock exhaust to hack into something that fits, and I don't know yet if I'm going to shorten the oil pan or not. I'd rather not, but I also want a decent amount of clearance since I plan to take this bus offroad sometimes.  B) 

I think that addresses the main points of the build, I've already stripped down the wiring harness to the stock bits, but I have to run and sleeve everything so it'll look nice. 

here are some pics of whats been done so far...


engine cleaning after I got it and tore it down to the block. I got everything from a donor car for 100$ on CL


All clean!





the old aircooled motor:


another shot of the removal, and the recipient of the subaru...



the pile of wire on the left by the cardboard is the crap I don't need. the tiny pile on the left by the grill is all thats necessary for the engine to run.VWAYt.jpg




Currently, I'm torquing the heads back on after I installed new head gaskets, and I'll be doing the timing belt and water pump next. After that, I'll mount the motor in the car while I play with where things are going to go, flip the intake manifold around and relocate the alternator, and route the various fuel lines, coolant hoses, and electrical stuff. more pictures to come! 

any and all advice and questions welcome.  :D

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What did you use to clean that engine.  Turned out really nice.  Goood luck with the adventure.


some purple power cleaner from autozone (50-50 mix with water) in a spray bottle, a toilet brush, and one of those rubberized nubbin type toothbrushes for the nooks and crannies.

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