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Hi can anyone tell me what years and models I can swap my EJ22 5 speed motor in.  my son rolled his 99 Forester, and now Looking for a new chassis to swap the motor into. Just had it rebuilt still in excellent condition.  

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a 99 forester should be an ej25 engine unless it had been swapped before. it will be a pretty straightforward swap onto any 99-04 forester, impreza the except wrx) , 99 legacy (non gt or outback) or 00-04 legacy (non h6) there may be some slight variations in those ranges such as egr systems, but it will work

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stop the presses.


the 99 forester had a ej25, 2.5L engine, not a ej22 engine.

so i'm going to assume you were mistaken on that detail.


that engine will swap in to the 00 - 02 cars, legagy, outback, forester and impreza.

it will swap into the 03 - 04 cars.


however, you may need to do one or all of the following to get it to run

1/ use the new car intake manifold on the ''donor'' engine

2/ use the new car cam sprockets on the ''donor'' engine

3/ use the new car crank sprockets on the ''donor'' engine


the 03 - 04 cars have EGR, i do not know if the 99 does or not.

the 00 - 02 cars do not have EGR.


the computer DOES NOT need to be swapped. don't do it.

if going into a 99 - 00 legacy or impreza, you will need the exhaust manifold y-pipe from the 99 forester.


basically you are looking for a 00 - 04 car with a 4 cylinder engine to implant your engine.

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You can put it into just about anything if you swap the wire harness with it, but it would be easiest to find a running car and keep the engine and trans for spares.

In a 99 that has to be a phase2 engine, regardless of displacement, it has to to into a phase2 compatible car. Which basically means 99-03 Impreza, or Forester. 00-04 Legacy or Outback 4 cyl.

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