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Recently purchased a '96 Outback with a manual that has a oil leak -- but only after you turn off the engine. At first I thought it was engine oil, but the thought crossed my mind it may be gear oil from the transmission. The reason being that the oil level hasn't dropped, but the transmission oil level has.


I've been poking around some online parts vendors, and they use the same parts.com engine and they don't call out individual transmission parts, just the whole assembly.


Has anybody here dived into the guts of a manual, and could give me an idea of what I'm looking at? I'm guessing that if it is the front seal of the transmission I'm probably looking at a bearing that needs to be replaced, too. Any help?

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Have you had any luck on this one yet? If I were you I would contact the dealer and ask them for all the external seals on the manual transmission. I was at the dealership yesterday and they have exploded view drawings of everything so it's pretty easy to find parts for them...i just bought a 96 outback manual and found a transmission fluid leak that seems to be near the shifter linkage area. I am trying to figure out what will need to be replaced.




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