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Howdy, im new here and wanted to introduce myself. I used to be a general mechanic at a Subaru dealership. I am an owner of a 94 legacy wagon with 230,000 miles on it. Runs like a king. I just finished resealing the entire motor yesterday and plan to do a lot more. I figured this would be the best Scooby forum because its for Subaru in general and not one particular make of Subaru. Perhaps ill learn more here.


So my next project is a lift on the legacy but im not sure what suspension is compatible with it. Also another thing I wanted to do is put a short shifter in. Doesn't seem anyone makes one for it so I was wondering if someone knew anything on that. Also looking for a good store like rallysportdirect.com that has more stuff for 1st gens.


Many thanks



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several local companies make lifts for your car. I would start woith outback or forrester suspension/brakes. rea lots, look in the offroad forum for more in depth info/compatibility etc



and welcome to your new home. enjoy

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