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As seen from 1984 owners manual: Page 85



(Except hydraulic valve lifter equipped engines)


The valve clearance should always be kept at the proper dimension.  If the valve clearance is less than specified, the engine output will be reduced and air pollutant emissions in the exhaust gases will be increased.   If necessary, adjust the intake and exhaust valve clearances as follows. 


(Adjust the intake and exhaust valve clearances when engine is cold. )

Intake valve:  0.009-0.011 inch

Exhaust valve:  0.013-0.015 inch


1. Bring the piston of the cylinder to be checked to the top dead center at compression stroke. 

2. Insert a thickness gauge between the valve sttem and rocker arm to measure the valve clearance.  

3. Inspect each valve clearances on both sides according to the following sequence: 

cylinder number, #1, #3, #2, #4

To adjust the clearance, use Valve Clearance Adjuster (#.. don't need) Loosen the locknuts and turn the adjusting screw to obtain the specified valve clearance. 

5.  Tighten the lock nuts. 10-13 ft-lb

6.  Adjust each vlave clearance accoring to the following sequence.  #1, #3, #2, #4

7. Recheck the valve clearances on both sides after rotating the crank shaft several times. 


also: install new valve cover gaskets, install rocker cover and torque 2.2-2.9 ft-lb (takes very little torque on those little bolts.


Suggestions from other posts: 

Order cork gaskets, cover in Grey automotive silicone rubber, hang on wire, allow to dry overnight. 

Disconnect battery. Remove spark plugs. 

Assure your on compression stroke by removing distributor cap, make a mark where #1,3,2,4, would fire at and roll engine to #1 position.  You can put a dowel rod, or pencil and use that as a dept gauge as you roll it to the TDC, top dead center, you can usually feel when your there or just rolling off the top of cam.  Adjust your Intake gap with feeler gauge.  Put socket on front crank nut and roll motor to next cylinder etc.. after that then do the exhaust stroke.  Then pull the engine around a couple times and double check those gaps.  Put it back together...


they do make the special little Subaru tool, but find that crows foot, socket can get you there too. 


Be aware that about midway in 84 they switched to the hydraulic valve lifter.  If you have that engine there will be a sticker on the side of the rocker valve cover but sounds like you know what you have there. 


my .02

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Hey here is something interesting- How to keep your subaru alive manual  has instructions on adjusting hydro lifters (just in case that's what you have). You should be able to zoom and read this.





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