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Frankenmotor: HLA repair.. now rough idle and Flashing CEL?

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so my HLAs on one side tick like like a time bomb.  i took the cover off and popped out the HLAs, half of them were soft and squishy, half of them were very hard.   SO.. i compressed and sucked in some oil to the soft ones and they got some strength like the other ones.   put it together,  start up the car and im getting a flashing CEL and a rough idle.


not sure where to look next.  did i F up the HLA by doing what i did?  something else?  never had a flashing cel ever so i dont know where to start with that.

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well, i restarted the car to see what CEL i might have, assuming misfire i guess,  and i got a P0301, and the car idled quiet as a kitten and smooth as it ever has.  cleared the code with my reader and it hasnt come back


who knows.  LOL..

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