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ok to use carb/injector cleaner for '83 1800 w carter weber carb?

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will it harm to use a bottle of that type of fuel tank additive - the car has 182,000 and is hard starting, stalls at idle, getting poor mpg- no stall id keep idle at 2000 !! - have replaced primary fuel filter -suspect it wss original - it was very cloggd green stuff in filter paper!!- and got a secondary filter today, recently replaced wires and plugs- also had front crankseal leak- got it replaced for $100- that caused quite bit oil soak in front area--

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use sea foam.  its about the only additive I use anymore.  I have used many others with mixed results, but seafoam works well and has been around for years.


buy 2 bottles of it.


put half a bottle in a full tank of fuel, the other half in the oil.  run the car for an hour or so, change the oil.  drive till you have to refuel.  next bottle pour half in the tank again and change the fuel filters.  pour the other half down the throat of the carb slowly while its running at a fairly high idle, pour faster towords the end so the car dies.  let it sit for 20 minutes and start it up.  it will blow a rainbow of smoke out of the tail as it burns off all the gunk on your valves.  once it done drive it some more, checking fuel filters and the oil often, add more additive as needed to clean out the systems.  Seafoam will make the car run a little rough while its in the tank, and its ussually the second fill up after I use it that you see the most gains.  dont use it every tank, just a tank or 2 now so you know its at least a little clean.   once you think the systems are clean, id take the carb off and clean it in and out, since that is where all the crud will wash up.


with that said using cleaning additive like this can cause problems as old gunk and blockages break loose and move around.  you should be prepaired to remove and clean any part of these systems if the additives dont work or cause more issues. 


also you may have 2 fuel filters, one by the fuel pump and one in the engine bay on the firewall.  i dont know for sure so you will have to check but make sure if you have 2 they are both in good shape.

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