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Return of the Pedal Box monster

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Cracked another one. This one was repaired previous to my owning it. I put a 4 1/2 in. piece of mahogany wedged in just so but even with full adjustment its a BEAR.


I'm going to tear this thing apart .....soon.


If you go thru clutch cables and/or have trouble with your pedal being excessively stiff , can't keep it adjusted , etc..... check the pedal box on the far left for US cars and alike. Just below where the pin is for the pedal (pivot). Right where the cable mounts to the side of the pedal box.


Good luck with yours.

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I did a home made repair on mine.

Bought some angle iron from the hardware store and welded it into every corner on the box.

Then shot it with leftover "chrome" paint we somehow acquired over the years.

Couple bucks for some angle iron was a lot cheaper than $15 a piece for clutch cables, plus eaten synchros.




PS: I'll see if I can find any of my pics of it

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My syncros thank you ! Lol


Surprisingly I did not have much nastiness when I drained the tranny I'd suffered along with. But I know they must look worn , those syncros.

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