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Howdy folks. Here's my recently acquired GL. The peeps who had it before me did a little work. This GL makes my fourth Subaru. This is the first one to be lifted, as opposed to the obvious alternative - lowered. So, it's new. To me. '87 GL frame and body. '95 Impreza 2.2. '91 Legacy tranny. 4" SJR lift. Raked. The underbody LED kit was included in purchase. The Weapon-R intake I've had for a number of years. I originally purchased it for a Legacy.... That Legacy was totaled. Held onto it for three years, put it right back where it belongs. An EJ22. I've a number of things to do to this GL. The list is adding up. The most crucial being the front rotors/pads. Upon trying to switch out pads, I discovered the rotors were so far worn, that the created outer lip is preventing the caliper from being removed. I'll figure out what to do there. Also, the bumper. Does anyone have any info on it? I've seen three Subies so far here on USMB with the same bumper. Where'd it come from? Company? Individual? Anwho, if I have any questions... I know who to ask. Or where, rather.  This is BoxerRebellion (a.k.a. Evan) signing out. Talk with you all soon. Cheers. -Let's hit T-Line. Now.































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Haha! Wow, that thing is a monster! That's a very nice build on that car. Somebody somewhere on here will give you info about that bumper if it's relatively common. Guaranteed. Just may take a little while for the right person to see it.

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Why thank you. I dig it. Just waiting for Winter to roll through. I'm tired of the sun already. I'm sure someone's got a little info on that bumper as well. Like you said... Someone will find it. Actually... I'll probably just post a thread on it. Which... I'l do now.

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the breaks should come off no problem even if there is a lip on the rotor, remove the 14 mm bolt on the bottom caliper slide and swing it upward.

make sure the ebrake isnt set lol



Nice rig!, that bumper is a custom someone made i remember reading several threads with that bumper changing hands a couple times.

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Very awesome! That's quite a beast.


I'd love to know some details on that a-pillar gauge pod. I'd love to be able to hook up a vacuum gauge and something else to my Soob, but I want to find a gauge pod the fits as nicely as that. Is that a pod for a Honda CRX?

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@AKghandi - Yeah... That's what I thought. In my ten years of working on cars/motorcycles... I've actually never ran into the problem before. Just like you said, the 14mil came right out. However, the caliper is quite literally - stuck. The rotors are so far worn in... More than I've ever seen as well. The lip is roughly... an eigth inch? On both sides of the rotor. Like... Seriously ground in. Had the caliper been capable of removal through normal means, I never would've brought it up. Both wheels. With that said, thank you for the bumper info. I created a thread to try and get to the bottom of it - http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/topic/139420-can-anyone-identify-this-front-bumper/ @MilesFox claimed that it had changed hands as well. Said it was a one-off from Wisconsin. @leniac claimed he'd seen it on Aussie forums. I've seen it as well. On this site. I'm trying to find the thread that had it. Maybe it really was the same bumper. Maybe not?


@jj421 - Thanks man. It rides like a beast as well. And sadly, the dual pillar guage came with the car. Well, not sadly. Anywho, I'm honestly not sure what's it true application is. I'm glad to hear you like it... But it doesn't fit perfectly. There's space between the actual pillar and the pod. Autometer guages, perhaps it's a universal Autometer assembly. That would be my best guess. Within a few days I'll take it off and try to find a part#. I'll let you know the results.


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I bet it rides like a beast. I love all the lights up front as well. I was originally gonna ask how your alternator keeps up with all that power, but you aren't running an EA82 alternator, so that's not a problem.  B) Definitely a unique front bumper. Too bad I can't help you identify it.


I figured you got the gauges with the car. After that last reply, I did some searching and it looks almost identical to the '88-'91 CRX pod that both Autometer and Glowshift sell. A little bit of research says the CRX pillar pod is the best fit, although it doesn't fit 100%. Very few posts/pictures of EA82s with a-pillar gauges.


Don't worry about taking it off for the part number. I'm 98% sure it's the CRX pod, haha. What do the two gauges read? I know I want a vacuum gauge, but I'm not sure about the second. I think I might get a water temp gauge, or a voltmeter, or an oil pressure. The stock dash gauges aren't accurate enough for me, haha. Anyways, yeah, just lookin' for ideas for when I save up to get some gauges.  :rolleyes:

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Yezzir. And the lights... The under-carriage lighting is comprised of LEDs, so no draw there to speak of.

The lamps however, I'd like to test and see just how much power they draw. That'd be neat.


And.... My neighbor has a CRX. I glanced inside and the pillars do seem similiar. Probably a solid purchase.


The two gauges I currently have are functional, and read funtionally........... Harhar.


Oil Pressure and Water Temp.


It's not like I'm boosted to a heavy 15 pounds or anything, but it is neat to watch the pressure change through driving and different circumstances.

The Temp gauge currently installed eluded it's previous owner to a blown gasket. Head gasket of course. Naturally. Fun stuff.


Gauges are cool. They add a bit of flare, as well as funtionality.

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i almost picked that gl up for my self a few weeks ago. glad somebody on the forum did though. when i get my subi back together we should go wheeling at some point.Also i have a good friend with 16 acers who wants to have a subaru rally in his fields

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