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Hello, This is my first post to this forum. I have owned Subarus for years  and now the 98 needs a motor. I have 2 questions for any expert willing to take a moment to respond.


1. I read some bad opinions of the 2.5 L DOHC motor and some have suggested using a 2.2 instead. And yes, I know consesus is an impossible goal, which is fine. Just looking for different opinions and thoughts.


2. Who is your favorite seller of either JDM, low mileage US, or rebuilt motors? Not necessarily looking for the best price..


Many thanks. Rob

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Get a 95 2.2 AUTO (with EGR).  Resael it (cam, crank, baffle) new timing compnenet set, install, be happy!


A 96,96 2.2 for instance will also work buy you'll need it's matching Ypipe.W

elcome to the USMB!

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