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New, yet old, Subaru owner in St. Paul, MN

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Hello Everyone!


I recently purchased my 3rd Subaru, a 2002 Outback Limited 5spd. Previous Subes were a 1985(?) GL Wagon and a 1991 Loyale Wagon. Both had 285K+ before they met their maker. The '85was still running like a champ when it went to the bone yard. Rusted out, clutch seized, windows off track...if I had had the funds to repair it I would have, but got a Toyota PU for free, so I went with it. '91 had the timing belt go out. Again, if I could have afforded to fix it, I would have. Both were awesome cars.


In a perfect world, I would like to lift the new car, but concerned about voiding the aftermarket warranty I bought (5yrs, 100K miles). They require scheduled maintenance and all of that stuff, so I am guessing they might frown on a 4" lift if I was to submit a claim for suspension parts.


Is there a link that describes the factory model designations anywhere? I see EA81, EJ22 - I know years and names (G10, Loyale, Legacy), but I know nothing of factory designations. What is my 2002 Outback?


I may have owned a couple few Subarus, but I have not been indoctrinated into the "inner circle". I hope that will change.

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Welcome to the USMB


Here are the Legacy body model codes


1990-1994 Legacy

Sedan - BC

Wagon - BF


1995-1999 Legacy

Sedan - BD

Wagon - BG


2000-2004 Legacy

Sedan - BE

Wagon - BH


I am not positive whether the Outback shares the same model codes as the Legacy.  I think it may up until 2005 when Subaru split the Legacy & Outback into two completely different models.

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