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BRAT Questions

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Hey, I just bought a 1980 BRAT GL, excellent shape, minimal rust, interior is perfect, and it only has 15000 (yes, fifteen thousand) original miles.  It was kept in a garage most of its life, and only has some surface rust underneath, and a small spot on each side right behind the front wheel wells.

2 questions;


At first, I was under the impression that it had A/C, because of the markings for the sliders on the dash (a/c & a/c max), but I dont see a compressor, or a condenser, nor more than one drive belt.

So why is my heater dials marked that way?

Also i have the usual Hitachi carb problem, it idles fine(around 1000) when it is first started, but in a matter of 15 min or so it wants to idle at 2500 to 3000.  I turned the forward screw on the carb and it seemed to bring it down to 1500, but when you step on the gas it just goes back up to 2500 or so.

I see another adjustment screw at the rear of the carb (probably the auto choke cam adj), but havent messed with it because I dont really know what I am doing! 

I am taking the BRAT to a local mechanic who does know the old Subies well next week.

Interested in any opinions!


Here is a pic of my new BRAT along with my '01 Outback, and my wifes '09 Legacy



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Wow very nice brat... More pics please.  The panels were all marked with a/c but it was a factory option. I have all the a/c parts plus install instructions with condensor compressor evaporator and new belts and all the extra hoses and vent pieces you would need for a gen 1 brat 78-81. If your interested please email me at tbag1331@tayahoo.com. Please more pics!!!!

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