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Check Engine FLASHING After Putting Fuses in Keyless Entry

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  As usual, after buying a used 98 Legacy Outback and repairing head gaskets, I thought it would be nice to have the keyless entry working.  I bought an ebay keyless clicker, then noticed the fuses had been pulled from the KE harness. Also the anti theft Ignition 2 pin plug was disconnected and bridged. The 4 pin plug next to it was also disconnected.

 Put fuses in KE harness which made the tiny dealer installed dash lamp flash and click an under radio area relay. Under dash reset button did nothing.


Check Engine light is now FLASHING and rad. fan is cycling with clicking of many relays under hood and under radio.


Cleared codes ;

P0500, P1120, P1121, P1130, P1131, (don't know what these are) and both O2 Sensor Codes



I'm probably lucky that it's still running.

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disconnect the green ''test'' connectors under the dash.

they are for test purposes only.

the will cause every relay on the car to activate, rad fans to run all the time, and throw a boat load of codes.


disconnect the green test connectors under the dash.

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I was able to get the alarm dash lamp to stop flashing by holding the under dash reset button down for a while.

Now if I can find my clicker......

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