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ea 71 project car

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I have the ea71 and 5 speed tranny from my wagon and wanted to build a 73-76 coupe someday

only problem is those are hard to find.

The engine is solid with .075 pistons.

I split it and inspected it when i got it

It had a fresh re-build where someone removed the sump tube and it later fell out

The crank was polished and fitted with new main and rod bearings by myself

I ran the car with the engine as to pass state inspection before i tore the car down to upgrade wth ea81 and dual range 4wd. The engine was solid and i drove it for a while cuz i didnt have the heart to tear it apart......but now its sitting and i am concerned for its health

I am thinking of selling maybe...anyone interested?

Tranny is solid but will need front seal and output seals replaced as it leaks a bit.

I could put it on craigslist ans sellit to someone for a dune buggy as i am the onli one out here with a classic soob but i should let you all have a crack at it first as it is the neigborly thing to do.

If anyone wants to make a trip i will sell as a combo for 200.





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