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94 legacy - timing belt cover gasket - how many are there?

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Edit - 95 legacy not a 94.


Doing t-belt job. Got the covers off and I only have one gasket in b/w them- the one on driver side lower down. Are there supposed to be others? How many and anyone have a link or part numbers to buy em? Dealer best? Thx!!!

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i'm not sure, but i don't worry about them.

if the gasket is there and usable , i use it.

if missing or messed up, i don't use it.


some folks run without covers at all.

don't sweat it.

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there really arent any gaskets between the inner & outer covers - or at least none are really needed. The only place there is supposed be a gasket is on the center cover (outer) at the bottom, but even that is not a necessity, and it often gets misaligned when installing.


The two end covers sometimes have a thin layer of a foam type seal along the edge that meets the center cover, but again - not a necessity.


There are several smaller rubber seals & grommets on the back side of the back covers (that touch the block)  - the only way I know of to get those is either from the dealer, or by purchasing a complete rebuild gasket set that will have every gasket, seal and o-ring needed to rebuild the entire engine (can often be found on ebay for around $50-60).


You could leave the covers off and the car will run just fine - many here "run naked", myself included - just be aware that there is the potential for problems in certain conditions - such as deep snow (been there, done that) Your 95 is still a non-interference engine, so no damage will occur if it should jump timing, but it is no fun trying to correct jumped timing in the dead of winter. :unsure:

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The short answer is, "more than one can guess". There were year-to-year changes as well, both to covers and gaskets. I did try to source all of them when working on my '95, and it was a success except for the gasket behind the right-side cover which I couldn't find. Fortunately, it was foam and could be replaced with 1/8" weatherstripping. In the hindsight, that was a pain and  probably not necessary. But if you do want all of them changed, go to opposedforces and get the numbers.

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