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79 wagon

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converted from 2wd ea71 to 4wd ea81 dual range 4wd


ea81 with ea71 .025 ITM pistons

self ground cam

self ported heads

84 brat rear differential assembly custom fitted for 5" lift

weber carb with self ported intake

Front clip modified to fit larger nissan truck radiator

Oil cooling system fabricated from parts laying around

relocated oil filter

extended front struts and 4 inch undercarriage lift.

84 brat front axels and tie rods with self extended controlarms



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Wow, that's definitely out of the ordinary! And awesome! I'd also like to know about the details for all the self work.

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that wagon looks like a lot of fun more pics is a must epecially of the engine bay and all the modifactions you have done.

That makes you #3 (that I know of) that's done this. I like the idea, but don't have the parts available.

i have the parts :) but i never have had a 2wd drive to do it to :(

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this was my first back in 09post-49100-0-38557300-1377290197_thumb.jpg

i ran the ea 71 until i blew a head gasket. i tried to get the bolt out of the block to resurface it but some knucklehead put the blue lock-tite and i snapped 2 bolts trying to remove.

i had a machine shop drill and helicoil but the threads never took tourque. I finally re-drilled and tapped a larger bolt then drilled and tapped the cut off bolt and it held tourque.

after finishing the engine and having fu i blew the tranny.

I replaced all with an ea81 dual range set up. I painted it with rattle can and lifted it 3"


It is now sitting waiting for my son to turn 18

since ther are very little brats in the desert it gets alot of attention

I was in arizona visiting an a good ol boy at a gas station said " Is at one dem der cars dat goes in da worter?"

If you have any red neck in you you will understand that.

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porting the intake is finding your favorite abrasive tool and removing whatever metal you can.

In my case i used a 5" 5/15 bolt and rounded the head with my grinder. i then scored it with a cut-off blade to give it some sharp ridges.

It worked fine to remove alot of material.

I did this with the adaptor plate installed to ge na even flow from the weber sown to the ports.

same with the heads. i did not get them polished as i do not have the funds but she does breath alot better and picks up the 26" tires just fine.

The oil filter relocation is a result of me looking into kits and saying to myself - I can make that

the cooler is off a wrecked suzuki 1100 crotch rocket. it has 1/2 inch lines and is relatively small yet has a large cooling capacity.

i took an old ea81 oil pump and hacked off the mount ring before the pump. then i tapped it aninserted fittings, made a bracket and mounted it to the frame.

on another oil pump i tookan A/c nut that fit the filter threads and welded a fitting to it. then tapped and fitted the outer ring hole.

Basically my lines run from the  pump to a sttelite oil filter, cooler then back to the pump.

the cooler allows for a thinner oil such as a 5-30 synthetic blend as thicker oil creates alot of oil pressure and power loss

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Nice work bertman!!! Excellent tip on the porting tool! Done the same thing to the threads on a bolt with a cutoff wheel to make a quickee thread chaser. I've polished ports with a Dremel, chucked a stem with a screw in the end, poked the screw through the corner of plumbers strapping cloth and wound a few layers around the stem. Doesn't last very long but it polishes quick!

What I'm really interested in is "self ground cam" I've thought about trying that myself. My motto is "how hard can it be?"

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for those who have not seen the posts in members rides here is an update on my wagon....had a rod bearing go on my way to arizona about 8 months ago so i cannibalized the brat to keep it going for a while. :zzz: 

just got the rebuild finished and tuned.

when i tore it down i found all the bearings good besides the rod bearing that gave out. either a bad bearing or a bad grind..i'm guessing bad grind.

I found a virgin ea81 from a guy that has a connection in Utah. he brought it down and let me have it for 100 bones.

he said he had it running and it smoked.......plugs were gas fouled and oil wreaked of old gas. my guess was carb problems. gas getting into the crank case and thinning out the oil = bad ring mis-diagnosis.

I was right. i took the crank, rods and flywheel and incorporated them into my already built engine that broke down...just polished the crank journals and de-glazed the cylinders as the bearing had left its mark in two of them.

this engine has some power and i need to hold back alot so i dont blow it up again. :burnout: 

the donor engine is prestine and will be built as soon as i find a new set of pistons. i was running the engine out of my sons 78 brat and it was tired and beginning to tap out :horse:  therefore i could not have gotten it done any sooner. i plan on marrying the crank shaft with the donor engine cuz the old engine has a bad rear engine bolt thread and i had to score the threads of an over-sized bolt and tap it in to avoid taking her apart to heli-coil the hole...held pretty good though.

next step is paint..gonna do matte blue with flat black striping and decal matching the original white decals...love the subaru decals on the back quarter.

anyway best wishes to all and thanks for always being here.

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sorry s long to respond to you but been busy and cant post anymore pics on this site, i did alot of forum searching and found an easy way actually on a moto-x web site. you can be very careful and do it on a grinding wheel and then polish it with 800 grit sand paper. the trick is to leave the cam in the split case an on each lobe find the spot where the cam starts to lift the cam follower. just hold your finger on the other end of the lifter and feel for it. you can mark with a sharpie or eyeball it.. its just to familiarize yourself with the concep of making the circle smaller and leaving the lobe the same. i only took down 1 mm of material as this will equal about 4 or 5 mm of counteraction on the valve..too much and you risk opening too far and hitting pistons or messin up springs... i am in no way a professional and i kinda eyballed alot of it but took alot of time and care not to over grind but it did give my soob some gallup. it off sets the timing by about 4 degrees of advance as the engine runs hotter when set at 8 btdc and pre-detonates. so i set it at about 2 degrees btdc. it also has more valve poppin when decellerating which sounds grizzly in my home made exhaust system. this combined with the head porting, intake porting and oversized ea71 pistons does really nice with the 26" tall tires and will spin them out in first and second gear.

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