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new owner need help

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Hi to all, I am a brand new owner of a 2014
Outback. I
am getting it ready for a journey from south Texas to South America. There are a
lot of out of the way, off road adventures that me and my wife would like to do.
I am looking for some help and guidance with
1. Lift kit
don't want to enter it in monster truckicon1.png rally but
want to make sure I don't tear up the underneath.
2. Brush
Guard (bull bars. Don't need a lot but want to make sure the lightes still work
after a little bit of brush or trees.
3. Sump pan ( don't
know exactly the technical term for it but the plastic one underneath the front
bumper doesn't look like it will last long.

I am excited about my new
. I did not
want to trade my 1999 Chevy suburban 2500 four wheel drive 3/4 tone 4 inch lift,
ect. I loved it. Built the first moth I had it and it lasted 285000 miles. The
only thing I know of that can come close to that is a Subaru. Excited to put it
to the test.

Thanks Wess.

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hate to say it, but being a brand new car, there probably isnt much available yet for this...Had you gotten a slightly older model in good condition you would have many more options.


for item #3 - thinking a skid plate would be more cost & time effective than replacing the pan...


Either way, congrats on the new ride, and hope you find the stuff you are looking for to make your trip more enjoyable. :)

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You will have to find someone to build all of that for you. It won't be cheap .That is unless you just do a basic strut top block of like an inch, then gomore aggressive slightly larger(like one size)tires.

You should actually read all of the old school information, so you are educated about it when you start trying to find someone to build things for you.


I would not have bought a brand new car to do it with .Although the ground clearance alone is a good starting point . You should have researched prior to buying.Especially if this was the plan from the get go.

You are more suited to be over at OUTBACK.org

Good luck finding stuff to bolt on.

And if all this does come to fruition, don't forget to post pics. I would like to see some new sheet metal getting bashed lol


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Thanks did a lot of research before buying it. I have been overland from Paris to cape town. Traveled overland from China to Thailand, All in range rovers. But Everywhere I went I saw Subaru's keeping up or doing more. Maintenance was less and gas mileage better. Seemed great for two people. Warranty is great and can be serviced in most any country. You are right not a lot of people modifying for overland. Look forward to your suggestions. Not too many people own Subaru's where I live, they love there trucks. Thanks again. Wess.

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I found a 1" lift for  10-12 outbacks.Looks like just a couple of aluminum spacers on top of the struts.I don't see that a '14 outback would be much different. A metal skidplate wouldn't take long or cost that much money to fab up.


here is the link for the lift. http://www.subtle-solutions.com/product_info.php?products_id=225

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Thanks that is perfect. I really appreciate the help. I have been going crazy trying to find the stuff I am looking for. Meeting a lot of great people along the way, I think there is a different class of people who own Subaru's, I hope that I am as helpful as you guys are when I get some dirt under my feet. Wess

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