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I'm working on a 98 obw.


I pulled motor for 4 bent exhaust valves.  New valves installed & ready for re-install.  I can't get my torque converter properly seated. 


the inner shaft seats nicely  - the service manual recommended 2" + or -  is still showing.


I've read all the posts on torque converter seating.


after many hours of trying - I've come to the conclusion that the input shaft won't make the final push into the torque converter itself.  

I've tried the TC with no input shaft and it seats nicely. 


When I try to insert the input shaft into the TC while sitting on the work bench it only goes in about 1/8" - just enough that the splines begin to catch and will actually turn the inter workings of the TC itself - but they will go no deeper.  it seems to me they need to go at least 1/2" further than they are.


When I look inside the TC, I can see no sign of damage and the splines on the input shaft look perfect.  I have not reason to suspect damage.


Why do the splines catch - but will go no further?


any help would be greatly appreciated.

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The input shaft wont seat into the converter itself. The oil pump shaft is attached to the converter. Not sure what clip you are referring to. Is it something that would be fished from the transmission side or the TC side?

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On my '03 the input shaft seats into the converter with a clip. Not sure '00 and earlier is the same.






where the C clip seats on the converter





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The clip you're showing is the one that attaches the oil pump shaft to the converter clutch.

Answering your previous question - yes my clip is attached.

My trouble is with the smaller diameter shaft, the input shaft, it wont seat in the converter clutch. It goes in to where the front set of splines begin to catch but only by about 1/8".

I've rotated the shaft many, many times it just wont go into converter clutch - it catches enough that i can feel it turning the inner workigs of the TC.

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when installed as far as you can get it, is the TC inside the bellhousing flange?  maybe it's seated but hard to tell?

when the engine is installed - the TC and flexplate will not touch - the TC bolts should draw the torque converter "back out" and towards the flexplate.

Can you measure the distance between the engine bellhousing and flexplate and compare that to the distance between the TC and trans bellhousing?

or take pictures of both?  it's so hard for us to see what's going on....though your description is impeccable actually!


it seems you've spent hours on this but it's usually beginners luck or it hasn't properly aligned to seat.  with any pressure it won't seat that last bit.  goal is to get it aligned without any pressure, while simultaneously spinning and holding the weight of the TC so it keep everything perpendicular while aligning/seating.  sounds like you have but this can be such a tedious process that it's easy to just be missing it.


damage or issues seem doubtful since it has bent valves...presumably running fine before the timing belt breaking.

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