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Figured I would drop in and say howdy, and give an update on our PITA, the 99 obw that had the heads redone the 2nd time (first since I owned it..) in 30k miles....


She is running great! We made it back and forth to Idaho just fine! Took it up to Packwood a few weekends back for an autocross (didnt race the wagon, dont worry), drove great. Kinda fun being able to haul around 3 people and a baby with room to spare!

The car is starting to grow on me in a good way now, so that is good. I am amazed at how peppy and how much power the 2.5 has compared to my 1.8 in my 08 Corolla.


Just trying to give the guys posting up their over heating problems a bit of hope. As long as you like the car, it has fair miles, in good shape, and you can get it done for what you feel is a fair price, go for it.



Thanks a ton to all the people telling me not to give up on it, and helped with all the tips and pointers as well!! Great group on this forum!!

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