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Built 86 GL Wagon

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I bought member Dylan86GL10's 1986 wagon - previously FirstSubaruGLwagon's Das Poopinwagon.  I haven't done anything with it yet except cleaned it up a little bit.  I have the megasquirt being looked at now.  Hopefully with that and a few other things I'll have this up and running.  This has tons of potential, but it's definitely a project.  Looking forward to seeing what it can do.  

This is officially Subaru #7 for me.  Right now I currently have an 83 Brat "Johnny 5" and a 2010 Forester.  Took a family photo:-)



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Unfortunately I can't tell you much.  The tires are 225/75 R15 and are Uniroyal Liberator A/Ts.  But if you can fit that size under your GL (the fitment is very close and clearly there was some fender messaging going on to make it work), then I would get a set of Mickey Thompson MTZs.  I have them on my Jeep and they are simply unstoppable.  Very drivable on-road, as well.  

As far as the rims I have no idea.  I don't like them, though.  They don't seat very well and are relying on the lug nuts only.  Will be looking into other options once I get it running.

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