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Having an issue with my 95 legacy.  It will start, and have a rough inconsistent idle, and will stall out when the accelerator is compressed.  I have recently replaced the fuel pump, spark-plugs, and the mass-airflow sensor.  Wondering if anyone has an idea what the issues could be.

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how old are the plug wires? originals? cheap aftermarkets? 95 shouldnt be too terribly fussy about them, but you definitely want a good quality set of wires, like the NGK brand...


what kind of spark plugs? were they gapped properly? Standard NGK plugs (no need for fancy platinums or anything like that - those are just a waste of money) gapped to .039-.040"


as Olnick suggested:

CTS (the 2 wire sensor for the ECU, not the 1 wire for the guage) could be a suspect.

IACV - do not try to "adjust" it - just clean it. They can get carboned up after years of use and not function properly...

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Not knowing any details this is just a wild guess--but check out the ECTS (Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor).  Maybe clean the IACV (Idle Air Control Valve) too.  And replace the PCV while you're there.


Good luck--and welcome to USMB!

If the ECTS is bad, it will throw a Check Engine Light. That is what happened on my 95, 2.2 motor. Very quickly, it went from CEL to not starting at all.


The broader question is do you have a CEL??

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I didn't gap the plugs.   The shop that diagnosed the MAF said the wires look fine.  I will check the ECTS.  The check engine light is on.  Also the AT oil Temp is flashing when it starts.  Forgot to mention that.  I am replacing the PCV as it looks pretty gummed up.  Thanks for all the advice.

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If the CEL is on first thing to do is pull the code!  Try Autozone or some other parts chain store--they'll often do it free.  Then post the code number (the actual number, not a verbal description) here.  That will give us something to work from.


^^^^ this! Codes first!

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