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Second 92 Loyale Build- ea82

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ok so i finally found some time to start my second  loyale build. I think im gonna keep this one stock with the ea82 engine and just make it Clean.


So here is my first loyale that started it all.


long story short its where i want it but wanna put the finishing touches

its a 2.5l ej swap/ obd2 /6 lug hub, etc. The next step is gonna be a 4 inch lift to correct cv axle angles.


here is a video before i lifted it on youtube just after the swap was finished.


So 2 years later and another car brings me to this project.



Just getting ready to pull the engine and transmission out i will keep up on the updates the best i can but this car is in great shape and looks good havent found any rust and the inside is clean. :)

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