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Back in the fold with a '95 Legacy wagon

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Hey Everyone,


I'm happy to be back in the gang of scoobie owners.  I just purchased a 1995 Legacy LS wagon (for $500) to use as a third car for my oldest daughter who is about to get her license.


I have previously owned a number of family members: '86 GL-10 sedan, '87 GL wagon (loved that d/r), '88 DL wagon, and a '90 Legacy wagon (we had some bad luck with that first gen EJ22!).


This wagon is in pretty good shape with only 143k miles and no body rust.  The big project for it is the need for head gaskets.  I'm going to work on that myself so I'll continue digging into the various threads here on that topic.  I've seen lots of discussion about what gasket to use (OEM v. some other MLS) and I haven't figured out what direction I'm going yet.  I have some time so I can do more research.


I need to find a shop in northern Virginia (just SW of DC) where I can get the heads measured for flatness and machined if needed.  Anyone have a recommendation?


I look forward to using the board more.  I received some great help (on the old message board!) when I changed my first timing belt on the '87 GL back in 2001 or so.


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