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Rent a wheeler?

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So in six months I would be shipping out to basic training but not having a wheeler is killing me.I have a 78 brat that needs some rust repair done that I could fix and put a small lift in it with some smallish tires and go but it wouldn't be very much fun with only a EA71 and single range 4x4.I am wondering if anyone would be willing to loan a wheelable subaru in the time being.I would fix anything that happens to it during the 6 months then bring it back to you.It doesn't even have to be really built,even a 2" lift and some halfway decent tires would be enough to have fun in.like I said my other option is to weld in new rocker panels and floor boards and fabricate a mild lift for the 78 brat and put EA81 rear suspension under it.Normally I would go with a 235/75/15 because they are plentiful but I don't know if a EA71 with no low range could motivate those tires enough.I know 235/75/15's on my 2" lifted EA81 wagon made it gutless..Ive looked around for a 215/75/15 and they are either not around or mega bucks..


I know its kinda an odd request,but I dont really have time to build the brat to something that could outwheel my hatch(RIP).

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I wheeled my hatch for a year and a half over here and got no body damage in that time because over here we have mud with a tree some 50 ft away.Of course I would wheel it like my own and take care of it to the best of ability.Even when I went up to EC I only got a tiny dent on upper 311,but that wasn't enough for the gods that hate me apparently...


mechanical damage falls under the category of stuff I would fix..

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