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is this used XT6 knuckle/wheel bearing good or bad?

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a front XT6 knuckle i want to swap in my daily driver is confusing. came from a previous daily driver, had new bearings installed preventatively, put 10-20k on it before parting the car out.


but now that I'm going to use it...it's not bad like a normal bearing but it's not as smooth as some of the other hubs I have lying around. it's tight, not loose, no noise.  maybe a slight lumpines is the word? 


i have the other side knuckle from the same car (same preventative wheel bearing replacement/miles) and it's fine.


if one suggests they're bad - why would the bearings have been good before but have issues now?


no way, it's done?

or it may yet have a chance?

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didn't use it, ended up not being a failed wheel bearing. a lug stud sheared off and had loose lug nuts, which were tightened a week ago...again...it's had multiple loose lug nuts before. finally noticed a sheared off bolt in the threaded rotor hole sticking out above the rotor surface. same rotor that was on the car when i got it, so it's been like that. replaced the broken stud and drilled out the remains of the bolt.


this knuckle in question gets saved for later...

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