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looking for info before i buy.  2007 legacy outback with 83,000 miles on it.  first owner looks to of taken care of it, second owner only had it for 1 yr and 4 months. the second title change is what worries me.  but I hve no ther knowledge of the subarus other than what I have been reading the last week or so.  2.5 with 5 speed manual.   Any info itowards wht I should be looking at beffore I buy would help. 




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People get rid of cars for so many different reasons, it's hard to say that short ownership is a bad sign. Maybe he moved overseas, or he couldn't afford to keep a car. Maybe he found something he liked better, or he is particular about having cars only under 100k even if they're still in good shape, or he just decided cta was the answer ;).


I'm not sure about specific issues that '07's have, but I do know that it will be due for a timing belt soon (i think it's 90k..correct me if I'm wrong).


Good luck with your buy! Soobs are awesome!

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Yeah, unless you see signs that the car was neglected,I wouldn't be worried. The 07s were a good year. These were still somewhat prone to head gasket failure.


If the car seems solid and the price is right, there's nothing wrong with a 2 owner 07. They're sharp looking cars with fantastic versatility and great reliability. Should you purchase the car, refer back to this site. There's no better group out there to give help, resources and advice on any modification, maintenance or repair to your Subaru. They are such fun cars to own and drive. Plus you can see by the odometers represented by the members here that they are among the most dependably machines ever built.


My wife's 2000 outback sits at 332,000 miles, my Impreza at 275,000

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