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Where is best place to talk to other 2014 Outback owners?

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I just bought one, have several tweaking questions about things like navigation, for instance is there a way to program it so it beeps you when you are at the turn spot, i.e. in my explorer when you got right up to the street to turn onto you heard two beeps which always means turn...


For instance hands free voice commands, is there a novice vs experienced set of commands so you dont have to hear it say all those things like call in progress etc?


Other questions, but I wasnt sure if this forUm had many new owners or not or if there are other Subaru forums out there, any help is appreciated.


Also note that in my Special appearance pkg/eyesight/moonroof/nav Outback Limited, the drivers seat bottom portion is noticebaly springier and softer than the passenger seat bottom portion, i think it is because whoever drove it 300 miles (dealer trade) was overweight and a spring is already broken, if anyone tells me they make the seats differently, that will be meaningful, but i cant see that...



Remind me to ask you about keyless start keyless access where opening the drivers door wont open others, but opening passenger door does, which is of course  backwards of the common sense way it should work and there seems to be no way to change that programming...

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Welcome.   I just bought a 2014 Outback with the eyesight packas as well.   Well.... I signed the paperwork, but the car will not be delivered unil mid to last October.  This will be my first Subaru.


Please, by all means, chat away with feedback, questions, etc.  I will monitor this as I"m sure I'll need to know the same things.


One thing I did was download the owner's manual in PDF format.  I've looked through it a bit.  If I see anything that might help with those questions, I'll let you know.

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probably want subaruoutback.org.  good representation and delineation of outbacks. sometimes thick with back seat/arm chair diatribes...unless of course you enjoy inexperienced debating with no practical real world application which is more prevalent amongst new car owners, then that's the place for you. "what type of oil should i use, what's the bypass pressure of a Subaru oil filter...etc" for instance.  cardoc knows his stuff, keep your eye on him.  keep USMB in mind for maintenance, repair, technical questions, there's fewer inexperienced replies and less talk about things that don't much matter to wade through.

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